Private Service Fees

Some services are not covered under the NHS and the appropriate charge will be made. These include: private medical certificates, medical examinations (HGV/PSV licences, taxi drivers, seat belt exemption certificates, sporting activities e.g. sub aqua), reports for third parties (e.g. employers, insurance companies), statement of facts (e.g. shotgun licence applications) and medication and vaccinations required in connection with travel abroad.

If you are unfortunate enough to have been involved in a road traffic accident and you have not already seen another GP or been to hospital, a fee is payable. This is currently £21.30.

Coggeshall Surgery Fees  2023

Holiday Cancellation                         £40.00 + £8.00 VAT

Provident Association Claim Form       £40.00 + £8.00 VAT

Offsted Report                                  £80.00 + £16.00 VAT

Letter ‘TO WHOM’ or Simple Letter      £25.00 +£5.00 VAT

Complicated Letter/ Certificate             £30.00 – £60.00 + VAT

Private Sick Certificate                        £14.00

Private Prescription                             £10.00

Witness Living Will                            £30.00 + £6.00 VAT

Shotgun Certificate (Patient)                £30.00 +£6.00 VAT