Appointment Policy

The policy includes the following.

  • Reception opening hours, surgery times and extended hours sessions.
  • Care navigation.
  • Types of appointment available e.g. urgent, advance, on the day. Appointment booking methods (telephone and online).
  • Who to see.
  • Requesting home visits and the circumstances when they are provided.
  • How to cancel an appointment and text messaging.
  • Responding to DNAs.
  • Medical help outside practice hours.

Reception Telephone Opening Hours

Monday08.00 – 18.30 
Tuesday08.00 – 18.30 
Wednesday08.00 – 18.30 
Thursday08.00 – 18.30 
Friday08.00 – 18.30   

Surgery Times

Monday09.00 – 12.0014.30 – 18.00
Tuesday09.00 – 12.0014.30 – 18.00
Wednesday09.00 – 12.0014.30 – 18.00
Thursday09.00 – 12.0014.30 – 18.00
Friday09.00 – 12.0014.30 – 18.00

Care Navigation

Our reception team operate as care navigators and are trained to direct patients to the most appropriate source of help either in or outside the surgery. In order to do this the doctors have requested staff to ask relevant questions to make sure they are booking patients to see the right person.

Care navigation is a national project and will form part of the CQC’s assessment framework. It is our policy that children under the age of 16 will only be navigated to services within the surgery.

Types of Appointment and Appointment Booking Method

GP appointment sessions are added to the computer system 3 months in advance at any point in time to ensure pre-bookable availability. All routine appointments are 10 minute slots. The practice offers routine pre-bookable appointments up to 3 months ahead, bookable ‘on the day appointments’ and ‘urgent’ appointments.

All released pre-bookable slots are available to patients by telephone; internet booking (over 16 years old) using SystmOne Patient Access (GP appointments only) or the NHS App; or to those who present at reception. Telephone lines open at 8am and the reception opens at 8.30 am. Appointment times are spread across the session to provide a choice of time for patients.

If all pre-bookable slots have been taken due to high demand and a GP requires one to follow-up a patient, the GP will offer the patient a follow-up appointment during the consultation and release an ‘Embargoed’ slot at their discretion.

We allow patients to see the GP of their choice, unless there is one particular clinician with a specific skill (e.g. minor surgery, coil fittings). We encourage continuity of care. Sometimes patients need longer than 10 minutes and are able to book a double appointment. Where a patient has complex needs, a GP will sometimes highlight on their medical record an alert that double appointments should be offered as standard.

Bookable ‘on the day’ appointments are released in two phases.  Appointments for same day morning surgeries are released from 8 am. At 1.30pm appointments for the same afternoon/evening are released.


The Practice is committed to answering the telephone as quickly as possible and within six rings. If the telephone lines are busy, patients will automatically hear a comfort message advising them to call back. Patients are advised that telephone calls may be recorded and our telephone system has this option which can be selected by the call handler.

All patients should be advised in advance if their telephone call is to be recorded.

‘Urgent’ Appointments

We are not commissioned as an emergency service and do not provide the range of diagnostic and emergency care available at A&E and urgent care centres.

The ‘Urgent Telephone Call Handling Protocol’ has been adapted to summarise a number of potentially life threatening conditions that the receptionist can refer to in order to know when to either call an emergency 999 ambulance, when to seek urgent advice from the doctors or when it might be suitable to advise the patient to attend the surgery for immediate assessment. 

Please see the Urgent Telephone Call Handling Protocol

Those patients requiring an ‘urgent’ appointment and no routine slots are available, will be asked to come to the surgery as soon as possible as they will be fitted in during the course of the clinical session. Urgent appointments are shared equally amongst the GPs who are consulting but we aim to direct you towards the GP who best knows you.

There is no ‘specific duty doctor’. Patients will be informed on booking that they have an ‘urgent’ slot which is for their ‘urgent’ presenting problem only and may be required to sit and wait until the clinician/doctor becomes available.

Routine matters cannot be dealt with in an urgent slot and patients will need to book a routine appointment with their usual doctor.

Who to See

GPsNurse PractitionerPractice NurseHealthcare assistant
Acute Care
Routine Care
Complex needs
Learning disabilities
Mental health
Ante and postnatal
Child development 

Preventative Care
Contraception procedures: coil, implant insertion and removals
Minor Surgery inc joint injections.
End of life care
Home visits
Can prescribe to a limited formulary  

Acute Care
Minor illnesses, infections and ailments and injuries    

Routine Care
Stable complex needs patients
Routine home visits   for frail elderly
Supplementary prescriber to an agreed care plan 

Acute Care
Minor infections, minor injury and minor ailments including children Wound care  

Routine Care
Review of specific, chronic disease: diabetes, heart disease, asthma, COPD 

Preventative Care
Child and adult Immunisations
Travel vaccines
Sexual health
Contraceptive advice, pill checks, Depo injections
Hormone injections including Zoladex,
Prostap etc
Antenatal care booking in admin   
Routine Care
Health checks
Ear syringe
injections – B12 (under supervision)and flu jabs
BP routine check
Hypertension review – blood test and BP check
Removal of staples
Assistant at minor surgery, cryotherapy,
joint injections, contraceptive implants and coils